Wednesday, 23 May 2012


So, I walked into the wrong uni tutorial today. It was the right classroom, the right teacher, the right subject, but not the right time or with the right classmates. For some reason I was an hour early. This has never happened before. I've been on the same timetable all semester. I feel like I know it back to front! It was pretty funny. I walked in and greeted my teacher, looked around and realised these people, although familiar, weren't normally in my class. All I could think to say at the time was "Am I confused? What's going on? Is this the wrong class?" The whole congregation burst with laughter including my tutor who was still laughing when I later arrived to the correct class. Fortunately it takes a fairly demoralising act to abash me. 

The campus I go to is quite picturesque. There are lots of fields containing deer and sheep and the paths and roads are all heavily lined with trees. Autumn has brought about even more beauty with its spectrum of falling, jaundiced, crunchable leaves.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Moving In Together.

Above are some photos of our apartment. We have access to two awesome pools, a gym and an amazing view of the city. The glass doors to our balcony open right up and makes the space so much bigger! I love it. Although it was sad saying goodbye to Jono's old place in Bondi which he shared with his friend Elliot, having our own space to call home is far better. We don't have much furniture at the moment. Just Jono's prized possession - his great big couch - and a bed. The place came with a dryer, dishwasher, oven and microwave, so we went out a few Saturdays ago and bought a washing machine and fridge. Mum came with us because I thought she'd have a better idea about buying appliances than we would, and it was actually fun. My line that I always say to Jono when we do something practical is "I feel like we're a real couple now!" Sometimes I forget that this fairytale has come true and this is my life now.

I didn't enjoy the process of looking for places to live. I felt it chewed up our weekends when there were much more fun things we could be doing! At times I got impatient but Jono was always understanding. Now that we're here, I'm glad we took the time to find the place that was exactly right for us.

Being traditional and religious, I won't be moving in until we're married. So for the next few weeks I'll be slowly moving my things in. This will be my first time living out of home. Crazy!!! But mum has trained me up well. I'm sure I'll make a good little housewife just like she is. Sadly there isn't much cupboard space. Luckily Jono has granted me with about 80% of the wardrobe, but I'm sure there will be many things that I'm going to have to store, give away or sell on Ebay. I don't mind that much. Sometimes it's good to minimise and simplify.


How It All Began.

For a bit of background.. I first saw Jono at a YSA convention in Sydney and I thought he was pretty hot. I don't think we were ever officially introduced but we crossed paths many times throughout that year. Our conversations never eventuated further than a "hey, how've you been?" despite Jono's numerous attempts to chat me up haha. Eventually he plucked up the courage to ask for my number (only after asking my brother's permission of course) and called later that week to ask me on a date. I was surprised to find him to be charming, engaging and very funny. ..and I still thought he was hot. I went home feeling like there was definite potential for us but I was determined to keep things running at a very slow pace. Eleven months down the track and many dates later, here we are! Now I couldn't imagine life without him.

The proposal was well thought out and romantic, just like Jono. He arranged a sea plane ride for us over Sydney, lunch by the water, and while on a walk around Cottage Point got down on one knee. I've never been happier than I was on that day.

Not long after he popped the question ^ !!! Sooo happy! My hair looks manky because Jono parked the car about a kilometre away from where the plane took off at Rose Bay. Of course it began bucketing down with rain after a couple of hundred metres. I mean literally buckets full. We had no choice but to take off our shoes and made a run for it! As you can see my dress was white.. Not the best choice as it went completely see through haha. Fortunately this minor hiccup didn't put too much of a damper on the day (pun intended). I think it made it all the more memorable.

The wedding prep started immediately. No, that's a lie. I'd been quietly researching dresses and venues for weeks. Thank goodness he asked me!

Our first project was locking down a venue. After spending the next few Saturdays visiting various places around Sydney, we settled on the timeless and elegant Dunbar House at Watsons Bay (picture below).

Next came the engagement party which we decided to have at my parents' place. I took on the tasks of designing the invitations (picture below) and coming up with a menu and decorations. I'm sad that we didn't get more photos because it looked amazing with the backyard drenched in fairy lights and candles. For food we served bite-sized portions of everything! Mini quiches, sushi, rice paper rolls, smoked salmon h'orderves, individual cups of dip with chips and vegies and more. Dessert was similarly delectable with white chocolate panna cotta with mixed berries, fairy cakes, individual caramel tarts and mini banoffee pies.

Hayley Clarke, myself and Maddie Fitzgibbon having a crump at my engagement party.


Stay tuned... Wedding preparation post to come!

An Introduction.

Most know me by the name of Bree. I'm currently twenty years old. I'm engaged to that devilishly handsome beast pictured above, Jonathan "Jono" McLean, BFF and love of my life. We like to go on walks together, go out for dinner, sing along to the radio and eat lots of gelato. I'm in my final year of studying for a Bachelor of Nursing and loving it. I'm a sister to two big brothers and I'm a Mormon.

What I want to achieve out of this blog is an account of my day-to-day life, my interests, my thoughts and feelings, hopefully spotted with a bit of humour. Something my future children will someday read and enjoy. Jono thinks blogging is narcissistic, and although I somewhat agree, my mum has talked me into it! I think she is coming to the realisation that she and dad will soon be empty nesters, alone in their big house without the kids to fill the barren spaces and quiet moments anymore. Maybe this will be a way for my mum to stay involved and up-to-date in my new role as a wife.

As of today, I'm eighteen days away from being married and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!

Jono is one special person. He is so much more than any future husband I could have dreamed up myself. I still can't believe he exists and that I get to have him all for myself forever. I feel safe and precious with him. He goes out of his way to show me he loves me. I know he would give me anything I wanted. The hours he works are phenomenal. This means I spend most weekdays missing him endlessly, but I feel blessed knowing he works so hard so we can have a comfortable life together. Plus it makes our inseparable weekends together much sweeter.

The wedding has been fun but stressful to plan. Both our parents have donated generously towards making our wedding day exactly how we want it which we are very grateful for. Now all I want is for 8.6.2012 to finally come! I thought I'd be oozing with nerves by now, but I'm so confident in my choice for an eternal companion that there is no room for butterflies.

You will soon come to learn how much I want a little baby. I melt at the sight of those miniature human beings all wrapped in their tiny little clothes. Believe me, Jono is just as clucky! But he is more reluctant to admit it. Unfortunately we both agree it's wise to wait until I have finished a year of full-time nursing... THEN we can welcome our bundles of joy with open arms and begin to expand our delightful and loving family. 

Well, I think I've raved on enough tonight.